WWE Blames CM Punk Chants On AJ Lee; Could Lead To Firing

WWE Blames CM Punk Chants On AJ Lee; Could Lead To Firing

AJ Lee:He might be gone but CM Punk left a presence in the WWE.  The ongoing chants for the Straight Edge Shooter might spell the end of his wife AJ Lee in the WWE, according to a new report.

Punk left the league earlier this year while Lee has maintained her position as one of the top wrestlers in the Divas Division. The report from Epoch Times claims that the chants, which are typically seen when the WWE is in Chicago (Punk’s hometown) but also whenever Lee takes the ring, are disrespectful for Lee.

“First of all, they’re saying that she’s not good enough through her in-ring ability to be worthy of respect. The reality: AJ is one of the best female workers that the WWE has,” the report claims.

“Secondly, they create a tense situation for AJ Lee with her employer.”

The report alleges that Lee is safe for now but that “It’s only a matter of time before the company has enough talent to make Lee replaceable.”

For now, she shows up and continues to get booking attention because she’s one of the only Divas the company has that is worth anything. But with NXT stars like Charlotte Flair coming up, it’s only a matter of time before the company has enough talent to make Lee replaceable.

Meanwhile, fans in Chicago at the recent WWE Raw say that signs for Punk were being confiscated. “It’s per orders of WWE; it’s not my decision,” one fan told Wrestling Inc.

But Stephanie McMahon seemed to open the door for a possible Punk return with comments in late September. “CM Punk is an incredible character,” she told WGN Morning News when asked about a possible return. “We’ve had a lot of fun with him and who knows what the future holds.”

Of course, rumors have been flying around again of a Punk return. After simply replying to a question about WWE’s relationship with the man who abruptly quit after Royal Rumble this year, speculation about Punk’s return at next year’s Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar is already circulating. And all Stephanie said was “Never say never.”

Stephanie knew what she was doing when she answered a question about CM Punk last week. When asked about the chances of WWE and Punk doing business again, Steph responded with the savviest answer possible. Do you want to see CM Punk v. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31? His return could save Lee’s job and make huge business.

In other Punk news, he was seen backstage at the Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) this past Saturday night for their “Saturday Night Special” event. Punk spent some time wrestling for OVW from September 2005 to the Summer of 2006, when OVW was the official developmental territory for WWE.

Punk was reportedly there to support his good friend Cliff Compton, better known to some as former WWE Tag Team Champion Domino. Compton won the OVW Heavyweight Championship on that night for the third time in a triple threat match against former champ Melvin Maximus and Marcus Anthony.

Those backstage were told not to approach Punk and he reportedly only talked to Rip Rogers before leaving with Compton, unseen to those in the building. This will have been Punk’s first wrestling event since quitting WWE in January.

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