Jennifer Winget & Kushal Tandon Steal The Show In The First Look Of ‘Behad’!​

Jennifer Winget & Kushal Tandon Steal The Show In The First Look Of 'Behad'!​

Jennifer Winget & Kushal Tandon Steal The Show In The First Look Of ‘Behad’!​

Jennifer Winget:Sony TV’s latest venture, Behad starring Jennifer Winget and Kushal Tandon has been creating a lot of curiosity amongst audiences.
Meanwhile, the two just shot for a promo of the show.  Kushal and Jennifer shared pics from the outdoor location of the shoot. And like always, the two look simply amazing! Going by the characters, Jennifer will be seen playing the role of a sociopath and will have grey shades, while Kushal will be seen donning a double role.
Well, looking at these pictures, we simply can’t wait for it to begin airing. What about you?!

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