Your Diet & Fitness Program for Getting Ripped this Summer

Your Diet & Fitness Program for Getting Ripped this Summer

Your Diet & Fitness Program for Getting Ripped this Summer

Ripped:We are now officially in British summer time, which means you will probably be showing more skin in the sunshine. If you have not got in shape yet, or you are currently lifting but want to shed some body fat, use these four simple but effective rules.

Eat more protein 

Protein stabilises insulin (fat storing hormone) levels, which is great, as you will have less cravings for foods full of carbohydrates and sugars. Protein is also the building block of growing muscle tissue from working out. The more you eat the faster you recover, the faster you recover the more you can train and the more you train the more lean muscle tissue your body carries. This pen-ultimately leads to your body processing calories faster.

Eat less carbs

No carbs before Marbs is a popular saying now days, but I have to say I disagree with going zero carbs. The Joe average gym user will need some carbohydrates throughout the day especially before working out as it gives your body energy to push it to its fullest capabilities. What carbohydrates you eat, makes ALL the difference. Foods that have a high carb / high glycemic index are terrible if you want to lose weight. Foods such as white bread and a lot of breakfast cereals are terrible carb choices if you are wishing to get those abs out. Sweet potato & brown rice are low GI foods choices, these will also not give you that energy crash you get after foods with a high GI content, like bread.

Do compound movements in the gym

Ripped:Doing core/ ab work is fine and has its place in a training program. However, you can do these every day and will still see little to no difference unless your food is spot on. If you are looking to burn the most amount of calories in a gym session stick with movements such as squats, dead lifts, pull-ups and bench presses.  All of these incorporate large/ multiple muscle groups at any one time and the more muscles you use, the more energy is required, resulting in more calories used.

Lift heavy

Ripped:I’ve always heard that lifting lighter with more reps, burns more calories & tones muscles. Firstly, there is NO such thing as toning a muscle. Any load or stress you put on it will result in some muscle tissue breakdown. Secondly, common sense is going to tell me if I squat 40kg for 15 – 20 reps, I would personally find this easy as it not very taxing on my body. Now load it up close to 200kg and I can squat it for 8-12 reps, this is considerably harder and more taxing on my body as it requires more energy. The more energy I use the more calories burned at that specific time.

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