WWE Raw Results: Big Show, Braun Strowman break ring in destructive match, watch video

WWE Raw Results: Big Show, Braun Strowman break ring in destructive match, watch video

WWE Raw on Monday night saw Kurt Angle announce a WWE Payback contest where Braun Strowman would face Roman Reigns.

WWE:Braun Strowman’s size and sheer will to break opponents down has seen destruction of the competitor and of the ring now on more than one occasion. It happened when he clashed with Roman Reigns and on Monday night, on Raw, it happened as he went head-to-head with another massive athlete himself – the Big Show.

With two behemoths going up against each other, with Strowman asking for the contest, a battle was always on the cards and battle is what he got. Big Show started the brighter of the two with Strowman walking into harm’s way from the word go – and the match was yet to get underway! However, like few weeks back, Strowman drew himself into the contest, with arm drags no less – and it all came down to who could survive the onslaught for a longer period.


With neither men going out without giving their all and effectively a win, barrage of slams, suplexes and chops followed before Strowman delivered the decisive blow. This frustrated Show who went up top but Strowman kicked out of the KO Punch. Strowman, nicknamed ‘The Monster Among Men’, got up and delivered a superplex that brought the entire ring down to the surface and the match to a screeching halt leaving everyone shocked. However, even then, Strowman yelled at the crowd in defiance. This brought the contest to a stop with neither men coming out victorious. One thing is for sure – this battle is far from over and maybe the organisers should invest in stronger rings to withstand these two mammoth athletes.

In further information, Raw General Manager sanctioned a match for WWE Payback – Strowman against Roman Reigns. Could be payback indeed for Reigns with Strowman badly beating the former and then flipping the ambulance with the Big Dog still inside.

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